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What We Do & Do Not Do

At SMCNS we care about children, families, AND the environment! We live with an awareness that the choices we make enable us to act in earth-friendly ways. The school provides fresh fruit and whole grain snacks whenever possible made without dyes, preservatives, or hormones.

What We Do

We use environmentally friendly laundry detergent, dish soap, and cleaning products.

We buy in bulk whenever possible to reduce packaging pollution. Our paper goods are made of unbleached, recycled material whenever possible.

Our paper towels are cut into halves to reduce usage.

We maintain compost piles to create rich soil to fertilize our garden.

We keep and tend a garden area equal to about one-fifth of our site to grow fruits and vegetables as well as host a variety of native butterflies and insects.

Our janitorial service uses microfiber technology to eliminate the need for harsh chemical cleaners.

Our craft activities are often based on use of recycled items.

We offer an electronic option for delivering our newsletter.

What We Do NOT Do

We do not have vending machines.

We do not serve or consume junk food in the presence of children and smoking is banned from our grounds.

We do not use sweetened juices.

What We Plan To Do

We will consider alternative fundraising opportunities that are more socially and environmentally responsible.

We will ask parents to take their recyclables to the Nex Cycle location at ______________________ and designate their proceeds to SMCNS.

We will make available a statement of our policies regarding concern for environmentally conscious practices.

We will in any future building/remodelling or furnishings apply green building principles.