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In the words of parents...

The best thing about this school is...

“It is run by a stellar group of staff and teachers who are professional yet loving, and we have a gorgeous facility and the most amazing families.”

“The open, nurturing environment that allows the children to explore and learn at their own pace, the evolution of structure and self control that is taught as the children move from group to group, the honest and sincere way the teachers care for the students.”

“The style of teaching that extends beyond the children. SMCNS teaches parents as well. The teachers and staff have been so helpful to me and my husband as we develop our parenting skills. I wish SMCNS was preschool to high school!”

“Participation! Watching and helping the kids grow in a great setting with wonderful teachers. I love working together with other parents under the guidance of the teachers and the staff.”

“The close knit group makes the environment feel family like. My daughter loves coming to school and enjoys her teacher’s presence I like the fact that each day has a different activity/art to develop my child’s sensory and motor skills.”

“I LOVE the Staff Dedication It’s truly a testament to the humble greatness of the school to have teachers and staff who have been with the school 20+ years each. Thank you for all that you do!”

“What I have learned from my child’s teacher has made me grow as a person and be a better parent.”